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Needed Info


-Phone Number

-Epic Username

-Teammates Name

-Teammates Epic Username

-Platform (EX: XBox, PC, and Mobile)

-A rating 1-10 of you and your teammate  

-(PS4 isn't allowed due to cross compatibility


-If you are joining, leaving, or if a change to your team is being made please notify me 1 and a half hours before the start time contact info can be found below

-Each team is 2 people

-Teams must be in the game at least within 5 minutes before or after the start time

-If a team is not ready within that time they are disqualified

-If one player is ready but not the second they are allowed to start by themselves no switching teammates other than the hour and a half notice

-Two teams of two will join in a squad and split up

-Stealing kills and loot is allowed but splitting up is more tactical

-Each kill is one point

-If your team gets a win each person alive counts five points towards that duo


How To Contact Me

Email -

Text -

Instagram - davisgreenwell

Twitter- davisgreenwell


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